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Tax Return Filing Services in Leatherhead

When you work as an employee for someone else, your tax is usually dealt with by them under Pay As You Earn – they work the tax out, take it off your pay before you see it, and send it to HM Revenue & Customs. Most employees don’t have to fill in a tax return or deal directly with the taxman. Most small savers suffer their tax on interest or dividends before they receive the income.

That all changes if you start up your own business, or if you acquire a new source of income – such as a rental property – on which the tax isn’t usually paid before you receive it. This is commonly considered the first reality check entrepreneurs need to go through on their journey towards income independence. Unfortunately, most businessmen falter on this first step because the process is a bit complex for people doing it for the first time.

Tax return preparation and filing with HMRC from £180 – talk to us today!

Assisting Your Independent Business

You will enter the world of “self assessment” (SA) – the name implies that you can do it yourself, but it’s not easy. Many people use a professional tax agent to reduce the pain of dealing with the form filing – and also to reduce the likelihood of penalties for mistakes and missing deadlines.

The Accountancy & Tax Advisers team began offering tax return services in Surrey and Leatherhead to assist clients who find themselves overwhelmed by the process. We will provide you with the proper guidance and knowledge you need to navigate through the necessary paperwork with as little delay as possible.

Your Guide to Self-Assessment

We have all the necessary experience and training to point you in the right direction regardless of where you are in the process. Our methodology allows us to step in at virtually any time, providing clients with the needed assistance so they do not miss a beat. The diversity of our tax return services also targets specific areas of the process to minimise time spent deciding what to do.

The businesses that we help perform better, because they can focus their attention and energy on the actual operation of their company. They do not have to worry about complying with financial requirements

Our business guide to Self Assessment covers:

  • Dealing with HMRC
  • PAYE or Self Assessment
  • Self Assessment Tax Return
  • Tax deadlines
  • Advice on avoiding penalties and fines
  • How to “open an enquiry”
  • How ATA can assist you with your Self Assessment

Contact us to get more information on each of these tax return services, as well as how you and your business can further benefit from them. Do not forget to explore the rest of our website for services that guide and assist other aspects of a business’ financial responsibilities.

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