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Startup Business Plans, Accounting Services, and Tax Advice for New Businesses

Considering setting up a business? We can help you make sure you have considered all the important financial and legal obligations. The startup business tax advice and accounting services that we’ve built up from nearly 40 years’ experience is the missing piece you need to ensure your longevity.

If ever there was a key skill you’ll need in your business – it’s planning. Hence business plans are of paramount importance. Statistics from HMRC show that 80% of companies that register for VAT cease trading within three years* and this statistic has held true for many years now. In our experience, choosing the right business plans are vital, but getting it wrong can prove costly.

When you decide on the best structure and start up your own business, money probably isn’t going to be in abundance to begin with. But you can make it go a lot further the more self-sufficient you are in the early days. Starting as you mean to continue with your financial management and tax arrangements can save your business lots of money in the long term. That makes it worth seeking the services of a professional, efficient and knowledgeable accountant, and asking them for effective startup business tax advice and services.

At ATA, we offer help and advice for new businesses, with things like:

  • Business plans;
  • Budgets;
  • Cash flow forecasts;
  • Bookkeeping;
  • Tax advice on the most tax-efficient way to remunerate yourself.

Plus, if you choose us as your accountant, we are with you from the start. So we build up real insight into your business. This knowledge and our experience can help you get established and continue to support you as your business grows.

*The HMRC statistic excludes smaller businesses that don’t reach the VAT registration threshold, but does include those companies who choose to de-register because they are at, or below, the threshold, as well as those that are sold or folded.

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