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Accounting Services for Sole Trader Businesses in Surrey

While it’s the simplest form of business structure, being self-employed can be complicated when it comes to tax and managing your business finances. Afterall, along with the day-to-day running of your business, who wants to deal with Tax Return & Bookkeeping?

That’s where ATA’s sole trader accounting service can help…

We know that running a business and making a living from self-employment, contracting and freelance work can be tough, not least because doing the ‘day job’ takes up most of your time. We understand there’s often little room for managing your financial accounts, bookkeeping, invoicing and keeping your cash flow in good shape.

In addition to our comprehensive service of filing your Self-Assessment Tax Return correctly and on time, sole trader accounting service can:

    • Advise you on your obligations such as registering with HM Revenue &
    • Customs (HMRC) and setting your date for your financial year end (either 31st March or 5th April);
    • Help you file all relevant information for your Tax Return each year;
    • Guide you on the most tax-efficient ways to make National Insurance contributions and pay tax on your profits;
    • Help you get VAT-registered should your income exceed £77,000.

Are you a partnership?

We also provide expertise in accountancy services to partnerships – this is a group of self-employed persons working together in the same company. In partnerships, the same criteria and tax obligations apply to each individual partner.

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